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Can you see why I call him Microboy?

Microboy did a bit of socialising this afternoon with two of his NCT buddies…  can you believe he is the oldest baby of these three? Oliver, on the right, is only one day younger than James but makes him look … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

This week I’m beginning to feel a little freaked out by how quickly the time is flying… When I started my maternity leave it felt like forever stretching ahead of me, but two months have just whizzed by in what … Continue reading

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Belly, boobs and beyond

A few weeks ago I wailed pitifully on Facebook about my ruined body.  Apart from hugely swollen feet and ankles, I was feeling pretty dismayed to find that I still looked at least 4 months pregnant after giving birth.  At … Continue reading

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Spotify for babies

A couple of weeks ago, G and I noticed that James is rarely as calm or contented as when he is stretched out on his changing mat in the bathroom floor, listening to the sound of running water as one … Continue reading

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One month old

Happy month-day James! This is a gratuitous pic post, purely for the benefit of those who love you…

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Film Debut

Almost a month old, and already a film star…

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Hello slim feet, my old friends

One of the less pleasing side effects of pregnancy was the onset of huge, swollen feet in the last couple of months.  However, this was nothing compared with the even bigger ballooning that ensued after a C-section.  I had no … Continue reading

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