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Synchronised baby abuse

Sometimes, when I mention to people that I’m off for coffee with the ladies from my NCT classes, I think they conjure up a room full of deranged Boob-Nazis, nodding sagely at each other about the horrors of formula and … Continue reading

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Pre-school of Rock

Yesterday I posted the campest baby picture ever taken on Facebook.  I didn’t really notice how camp it was until G pointed out that Microboy looks like he’s doing an impression of John Inman singing ‘I’m a Little Teapot’.  See … Continue reading

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You may love your baby, but…

…if you liked ‘Go the F*** to sleep’, you’re going to love this.  It was performed by Tim Minchin on the Comedy Proms the other day and almost brought tears to my eyes. .

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Crafty interlude…

In a fit of procrastination over all of the things I really ought to be doing, I have published Microboy’s funky tassel hat as a free knitting pattern, here (via my craft blog). Microboy is delighted with his modelling contract and … Continue reading

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Note to self…

…the next time your grizzling, grumpy baby goes into overdrive, do not rule out swaddling.  Forget the fact that he is 9 weeks old and hasn’t been swaddled for ages and wriggles in outrage at the very idea.  Those nannies … Continue reading

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Why, no, I don’t get out much

There’s a point in early motherhood when you realise that any remaining shreds of self consciousness or shame have long gone out of the window.  For me, this was when I caught myself walking down the road with Microboy, singing … Continue reading

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Son, remember that you are an Englishman…

…and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life. Here lies the wisdom of Cecil Rhodes.  My personal take on things is that an Englishman can never have too many hats. Especially knitted hats.  Oh yes!   This … Continue reading

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