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My baby takes the morning train

Next Wed I’m taking Microboy into the big smoke for a farewell lunch with my knitting homie, Maxine, and a bunch of other crafty loons.  I’m looking forward to it a lot, but I can’t believe how much pre-planning I’ve … Continue reading

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Nursery crimes…

For those who are not so much into rabbit skins… here’s a vegetarian alternative: Bye baby bumpkin Mummy’s got a pumpkin She’s gone to fetch a roasting tin To cook the baby’s pumpkin in Alright alright.  I didn’t make you … Continue reading

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Just when you start thinking it’s easy…

This baby has been awake for ten hours, and has spent all of it either clamped to a boob or bawling.  I can’t get anything done. It’s like having a newborn again… he fed every 1 1/2 hours in the … Continue reading

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The meanest brat in old St Margarets town

Song for the day (sung to the tune of Ma Baker, by Boney M) Ba ba ba ba Mah Babeh, he drooled on his mum Ba ba ba ba Mah Babeh, while sucking his thumb Ba ba ba ba Mah … Continue reading

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Once more with feeling

Oh this poor little Microbe.  I can tell that these jabs really hurt, because he did the same sort of cry as last time (a sharp, inconsolable wailing) and his smiling, peachy face transformed instantly to a ball of deepest … Continue reading

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Don’t it make my brown eyes blue?

So… it looks like I have a blue-eyed boy, despite daddy’s brown genes. I thought that there was still plenty of time for them to change to brown, but, according to this book, most babies’ eye colour is settled by … Continue reading

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Jouet du Jour

There are certain toys that can date a generation of children with pretty keen accuracy (Etch-a-sketch anyone?  Sindy, before Barbie ripped her to shreds?)  Well I have a feeling that this year’s babies will be dated by a million snapshots … Continue reading

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