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Monday’s child…

by Colin McNaughton… Monday’s child is red and spotty Tuesday’s child won’t use the potty Wednesday’s child won’t go to bed Thursday’s child will not be fed Friday’s child breaks all his toys Saturday’s child makes an awful noise And … Continue reading

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Dem bones, dem bones

On Saturday we took Microboy to a Halloween party with his baby-homies.   It was ostensibly a party “for the babies”…  so we won’t mention the fact that it was a lil bit boozy and went on for hours past … Continue reading

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So tell me…

…do all babies like to punch themselves in the head while eating, or is mine simply turning back into Ruprecht?  

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The Road…

Could not see this pic without thinking of The Road…    (assuming it had been set in a non-post-apocalyptic future where everything is still quite nice.) It is aided somewhat by the fact that G goes for a walk in the … Continue reading

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Ok, here is the question: I’ve got into the routine of putting the Microbe to bed by 7:30 every day, which is going pretty well so far. My baby book says that bablet’s afternoon nap must finish at least 2 … Continue reading

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Yes June… I’m bawling out

Hee hee!  I’ve just bought Microboy a spectacularly chappish ensemble from H&M Baby…   tweed trousers, braces, flying hat and matching mitts.  Bless.  I will try to get a pic of him wearing it all soon… In the meantime here’s … Continue reading

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This little piggy had caramelised figs with goats cheese on a bed of rocket

Continuing on a theme of nursery rhymes… I’ve been busy looking up what some of them mean and thought I’d share a few interesting little factoids with you*. Apparently Goosey Goosey Gander (the one about throwing Professor Dawkins down the … Continue reading

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