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Jim-Jam Microboy Horrorpants

Who…. meeeee?

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I’m no Gina Ford but…

…this routine business is quite good innit?  It’s about 2 weeks since we introduced the concept of “bath-boob-bed” (usually somewhere between 7 and 8pm) and it’s not going too badly so far. Right now I have baby in bed, tagine … Continue reading

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The mighty wah

The blog title says it all. Meh. GTFTS already!  

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Stewie in the making…

Last Friday I slung Microboy to Gymboree…  and since then he’s been slung to Richmond, to the local shops and to the pub garden for lunch.  His attitude to the Bjorn-alike has changed enormously since he became old enough to … Continue reading

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Killing me softly

Oh god, the GUILT!   I’ve just nicked the tip of Microboy’s finger while clipping his nails with his Baby Ono clippers (make that “Baby oh no!” clippers).   Nobody warned me of the hari-kari-inducing remorse that floods your system … Continue reading

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