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Well, dear friends,  I hope I am not tempting fate if I say that the toe saga is drawing to an end.  Right now Jim-Jam is fast asleep in bed and I am starting to wind down. Today he saw … Continue reading

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Fingers and toes crossed

We’re having a stressful few days in the Microboy household…   On Thursday we noticed that one of Jim-Jam’s toes was horribly swollen and red, due to being wrapped (or more like garrotted) tightly in a long hair.  After trying … Continue reading

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He ain’t heavy

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet sleep. I feel 8 million times better today than I did yesterday. Since daddio has been away in Rio, I’ve been accumulating sleep deprivation with alarming rapidity. It’s the early mornings that really finish me off.  Yesterday … Continue reading

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He crazy like a fool

Dear Daddy not-very-cool, Here is a little something to help you to remember me while you are away sunning yourself on Copacabana beach.  I saved up lots of dribble especially. Love from Microboy

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Air hellair thair!

Today I dressed Microboy in his chap outfit… ….he said “Much appreciated, old gel, but might one have a dram of milk with one’s cigar?”  

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