The life and loves of a he-devil

Hello there.  Long time no Micronews.  So what have we been up to since March?  Well, just when Jim-Jam had got used to being taken to the park every day for sun and frolics, April happened.  Lets just say we’ve had a lot of indoor play lately.

Still – he has leveled up just a teeny bit.  He’s now lightening fast on his hands and knees and has become a regular little furniture surfer on his feet, but doesn’t seem ready for walking unsupported just yet.   He’s also sprouted a new bottom tooth after much gnashing and wailing – I’m still waiting for its partner to pop through.

To give him a bit more crawl space we’ve re-jigged our exclusive gated community.  Now that the stairs and the kitchen are safely gated off, we’ve removed the living room panopticon-of-doom so that he has the full run of the living room, hallway and bedrooms but can’t get into the kitchen unsupervised.  (“Hooray!” say the cats, because their food is at last inaccessible, “Hooray!”say I, because I no longer have to watch like a hawk all day long).

Also, in a bid to give our long-suffering downstairs neighbours a modicum of peace, we’ve put down a larger rug in the living room which acts as his main play space.  He does still love to play at length with his toys on the floor…

I can’t remember whether I have mentioned it on here, but I have taken the plunge and arranged to go part-time for my first year back at work. I’ll be doing a 3-day week, which means I’ll  get to spend 4 days a week with James, rather than going cold turkey.  Hopefully it will ease the transition.  I start back on 31st May, and James will be starting out with just one day a week at nursery for the first few months.

So we’ve begun the nursery ‘settle-in’ process.  This stretches over 6 weeks, in very gradual increments, to get him used to being away from mum.  Usually this is a traumatic wrench – but every time I’ve dropped Jim-Jam off he’s shot straight off like a bullet, into the midst of the toys and children without looking back.  Bless!  He’s not had longer than half an hour so far though.  We’ve yet to see how he copes at a time of day when he’s tired and hungry.  They’re going to have him for an hour on Thursday and try giving him some lunch.

As if by magic, attending nursery has unleashed the lurgies.  He’s managed to make it to ten months without catching a single cold or virus – but 30 mins at nursery was all it took.  He’s been horribly unwell this week and has kindly passed it onto me.  Today we’re having a pyjamas and duvet day.

As a result we’ve seen rather a lot of this face lately…

But the rest of the time he knows how to work the PJ look…

On an unrelated topic… where did he get this insane hair?

Thanks to teething and lurgies, his interest in food waxes and wanes more regularly than the moon.  One day he’s ravenous, the next he’s just not into it. Feh.  (Being ill seems to make him want to nurse all the time like a newborn… I wonder if it’s an antibodies thing or just for comfort).  Since we took him to Carluccio’s the other day he’s developed a newfound love of fruit bread, panettone style.  He also seems to like pizza and remains keen on all things cheesy.  The love affair with Philadelphia continues unabated and he will happily put away a fat shaving of parmesan or veggie purees with strong cheddar in them.  He still loves his pureed fruits (mango and raspberry is heaven in a pot, as it turns out – he has to fight me for it).  I’ve started to make some of the fruit smoothies into ice pops, which he is yet to be convinced about.

So far the most successful fishy thing I’ve made for him has been a creamy ‘fish pie’ puree made by steaming a cod fillet, a potato and some spring onions together and pureeing it into a thick consistency with a big dollop of Philadelphia (magic ingredient!)  I might try him again on something salmony soon.

Interestingly he doesn’t seem that keen on food when it is served warm or frozen but is happy to eat things straight from the fridge or at room temperature.  If I make him warm porridge he tends to screw his face up until it reaches room temperature and then puts it away quite happily.  Similarly with the ice pops, he prefers them when they are drippy and melty.  No extreme temperatures, if you please.

Oh – and here is a small bedroom update.  *Face of shame*  I’m afraid I have failed utterly to find the time to paint his toy chest, as I promised.  I drew up the designs, scaled them and investigated the ideal paint mediums… and then failed to do any actual painting.  So, for the time being, I have cheated and used some nursery stickers.  Now I am wondering if these might look better than what I was going to paint…

I’ve also bought these rather sweet alphabet decal stickers to go on his blank wall, but haven’t stuck them up yet.

Well that’s probably enough ramble.  I shall just mention that, every now and then, I do post little vids of no consequence to his youtube playlist here.  However I am very remiss at this, and must try to take more entertaining videos.

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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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