Welcome to the monkey house

I’m pleased to announce that Jim-Jam is feeling very much better.  This has manifested itself as several days of gleeful marauding and chomping on big meals and beaming at everyone and singing for joy all day long.  He’s positively radiating good cheer.

The other day he learned how to use his castanets.  He’s never been able to fathom them before and I assumed they were still too big for his hands but then he just picked them up and started clacking away.  I tried to film it on my phone but, unfortunately, the act of filming was far more interesting than the castanets – hence he refused to be observed beyond these 3 paltry seconds…

Anyway – as any seasoned parent will tell you, the thing to watch out for is when they go quiet.  He has spent a lot of this weekend patrolling up and down the hallway at high speed and sometimes it takes us a few minutes to notice when the high-pitched, melodic tooting has stopped.  On these occasions we will typically find him engaged, red-handed, in some random act of Little Monkey-hood.

Yesterday he spent a quiet ten minutes creating bedroom armageddon from a pile of clean, folded clothes that I had placed on his toy chest ready to put away.  Later on, Glen found him in our room, standing on top of my sewing box and using his advanced reach to remove everything he could from our bedroom bookcase.  (Deconstructing bookcases is becoming something of a new hobby.)

In foodie news, the love affair with fruit bread is still going strong.   So far this week he has put away a fair bit of sloe fruit loaf, some Warburton’s fruit bread with orange and a slice of Soreen malt loaf, which seems to be going down rather well this evening.  I’ve also just given him a go on Ella’s Kitchen ‘Thai curry’, which tastes about as much like a Thai curry as a bowl of lime jelly.  However he ate it.  Each to their own.

Next week will be eventful.  On Sunday we’re taking the Microbe on his first flight for a week away in the South of France.  I do hope he behaves on the plane… he really just wants to be off and crawling at all times these days, which is obviously not an option.  Once we get there I’m anticipating a week of loafing about in old town Antibes, eating lovely market produce and wandering around the beach and making occasional day trips.  However the weather forecast can’t seem to make up its mind whether we’re going to have beaming sun or dreary rain.  (A little part of me is bracing myself for a rainy week huddled in a strange house devoid of stair gates, C-Beebies and toys!)


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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