Oscar’s Only Ostrich Oiled an Orange Owl today

Oh lord….  the fateful day has arrived.  Microboy has learned to say “no!”.  I am waving a tear-stained handkerchief at the mute, implied obedience of yesteryear and grimacing at the arrival of a defiant little imp!  Is blind obedience really too much to ask for?

So far it is taking the form of a prolonged and whiny  “nooooooo!!” when I try to take something off him that he shouldn’t have, such as my phone or a remote control.  He also shouted it at another baby today at Gymboree when he tried to take a maraca off him.  Oh dear…

So – in my last post I mentioned that James was just beginning to use some basic noises in the correct context.  Since then certain ‘phrases’ have gone into overdrive – for example: the supremely insincere “Mmmmmmmm!” which ensues every time he takes a mouthful of food or drink.  You would think that he is experiencing taste-bud ecstasy, when in fact half the time the spoon is empty.

Animal noises also remain flavour of the month.  Especially “baaa!” which he will bellow out at top volume if he hears, sees (or in any way suspects  the presence of) a sheep.  He’ll also do others on demand – such as pig (“grunt“) cat (“mew“) and mouse (“eeeh“) and, sporadically, “moo“, “arf” and “neigh“.  I think we might have to take him to the urban farm pretty soon so that he can commune with his ‘people’.  try as I might to teach him human words like “hello“, this evening the best I could get was “ola“.

By far the most pleasing of his new phrases is “Hip hip, hooray!”, which is just SO cute.  He learned this from the “H” page of this book…

…aka his new all-encompassing obsession.  Glen and I have tried reading him various of the Seuss books on and off but he’s never shown the slightest interest until now.  Then suddenly this week it’s his favourite book EVAH (alongside ‘Sleepy Animals’) and he wants both books read to him at least 10 times a day.  This would be rather sweet if it did not start every morning around 6am with him climbing up on me and hitting me repeatedly on the head with his book of choice.

Anyway the entire household now has these books memorised, to the extent that James starts to get excited when his favourite pages are coming up.  He starts jiggling and grinning at page “G’ because he knows that the next page has “Hen in a hat!  Hooray! Hooray!” which is where he joins in.  Next week we’ll be concentrating on other essential life phrases, such as “fiffer-feffer-feff”.

In food news, I’m afraid I have utterly ruined the boy with madeleines.  For a boy with the appetite of a gnat, he loves them with an unseemly passion.  Some days it’s pretty much all I can get into him.  Madeleines and watermelon and cheese.  So, mainly, we’re following the sugar and lard malnutrition diet.  I should patent it.  Still…  thank god for cheese.  It is a magic ingredient where James is concerned (where did he get that from?).  This week, we’ve had baby-bird-face for cauliflower cheese and a delicious ratatouille that Glen made …albeit with added CHEESE.

As for sleep – what can I say?  The boy is a living battery.  These days there is absolutely no way to get him to bed earlier than 9pm – and sometimes later.  I’ve tried moving and even dropping his daytime naps but to no avail.  If I drop the naps completely, dinnertime looks like this…

But even if I try to limit him to a single nap, earlyish in the day, he goes all evening like a dynamo.  9pm appears to be his self-appointed bedtime.  I think he may have inherited my body clock.

And finally – argh!  Next wednesday he turns one!  One!  How did that happen?  Before he was born I remember waxing lyrical to my friends about how I was not going to fill my house with hideous baby toys and how I would be very strict.  He would be allowed 5 toys at any time, with a one-in, one-out rule.   (In case you’re wondering what that strange noise is, it is the sound of my hollow laughter… echoing down the hallway of my tiny, primary-coloured, toy-infested residence.)

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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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