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“No” means “No! No! No! No! No!”

Now that Jim-Jam has become accustomed to toddling about, we’re beginning to see the emergence of some distinctly toddlerish behaviour.  Or, to put it another way, glimpses of the wilful little gremlin that awaits. The whole business of learning to … Continue reading

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Walk like a man… albeit a drunk one

Last week I decided that the true mark of a mother is the willingness to wipe a thick green caterpillar of snot from your baby’s face with your bare hand when there is no tissue available.  Today I have revised … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead

This poor little bablet.  I can hear him coughing away in his cot.  Suffice to say it’s not been a good month for him, health-wise.  We’ve had the sort of days that start with a cuddle and end with a … Continue reading

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Do androids dream of electric baaa-lambs?

Microboy went completely bonkers last night.  Usually, when he wakes in the night, he just needs a cuddle or a quick feed to send him straight back to sleep.  Last night I started to suspect a secret stash of amphetamines. … Continue reading

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