Do androids dream of electric baaa-lambs?

Microboy went completely bonkers last night.  Usually, when he wakes in the night, he just needs a cuddle or a quick feed to send him straight back to sleep.  Last night I started to suspect a secret stash of amphetamines.  He woke for the second time around 1am and G and I tried all of our tricks to no avail.  He just stood in his cot, sparking away and jabbering out words like a faulty android.  He went through his full repertoire in an entirely meaningless order, sounding a bit like this…

“Baaa!  Hello!  Mooo!  Cluck Cluck!  No!  Fifferfefferfeff!  Neigh!  Neigh!  Bye!  Oink!  No!  Hello!  Meaaaaaow!  Two!  Quack!…  ”  (ad infinitum)

Eventually I decided to let him de-energise by plonking him back in the living room among his toys and letting him rampage and chatter for a couple of hours while I dozed on the sofa.  Mad baby.  He also seemed to be ravenously hungry all night long – hence we barely slept.  I wonder whether he has hit a development spurt and his brain is trying to process all of it…  or maybe he is just not very well.   He zonked out for 2 1/2 hours this morning and has woken up drowning in buckets of snot.  (To use G’s expression, he has become a ‘snot TARDIS’)

On a less revolting topic, I’ve been amazed by the sudden arrival of an appetite.  It seems that he turned one and somebody finally found the ‘on’ switch.   After 6 months of spartan dieting he’s started putting away whatever I place in front of him, including such unlikely offerings as mussels, which he tried for the first time last week.  He still has off-days like today but in general it seems as though he’s turned a corner.  A good thing too as we have started a gentle weaning process.  One of the best aspects is that he’s starting to enjoy more of our leftovers and sometimes even eats alongside us.  He particularly  enjoyed a delicious ratatouille that we pulped down and cheesified for him.  He also devoured our leftover couscous with extremely garlicky roasted vegetables and feta cheese which made him smell of garlic for a day or two.  (Perhaps he will fit in around here after all).

As for other developments. I’ve heard it said that babies tend to be walkies or talkies, meaning that they will usually concentrate their initial energies on learning one or the other skill, rather than both together.  Suffice to say, I think Jim-Jam is proving to be a talkie.  Much as he’s still teetering on the edge of walking and seems to have easily enough strength to stand unaided, I suspect the main thing holding him back now is a streak of bone idleness that he has inherited from his unsporting mother.

He’s a good faker though.  Here he is pretending to walk while out to lunch with some of his lady friends…

Recently I’ve caught him doing little dances when there is music on.  I think he likes Boney M (bless!)  Sadly, if I join in he tends to stop.   Have I already fallen to the curse of the embarrassing mumdance?

Meanwhile the love affair with books remains unabated.  This has long since replaced C-Beebies in his affections.  I think that books, more than anything, are fuelling his desire to talk.  I say this because he rarely says anything genuinely useful – it’s more a case of communing with an ever wider set of farmyard beings and mastering Seussian intricacies such as “Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz!”   (My favourite achievement of last week is teaching him to go “Bleurgh!” with his tongue out when he hears the word ‘sick’)

In truth what has really surprised G and me is the speed at which he seems to memorise his favourite books.  After a few reads he tends not to need the physical book any more.  You can recite it to him and he enjoys chipping in with the words that you leave blank.  (This is now part of his daily cot ritual when we’re trying to get him to sleep.)

Here is a little vid of him joining in with one of his favourite farmyard books…

And finally, here are a few additional birthday pics, showing him enjoying various of his  presents and a couple from a day out at the Twickenham carnival…


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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2 Responses to Do androids dream of electric baaa-lambs?

  1. Hester says:

    Oh, he is just _painfully_ adorable!

  2. Melanie says:

    I don’t think that kid could get any cuter!

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