Sweetness I was only joking when I said…

Today at nursery James made this…


It’s part of a week-long series of fun activities in which they learn the importance of brushing their teeth.  (I presume this is the Shane McGowan school of cautionary dental tuition)

On the topic of said nursery, I think that hanging around with a lot of 3-year-olds there is starting to rub off on him a bit. We’re suddenly starting to see a lot more role-playing and imagination in his playtime. On the way home this evening he announced “I’m a cowboy” and started saying “yee-ha!” (apparently I was the horse) but then he confirmed that he was actually Spiderman (this took me a while to fathom as it sounded like “betterman” and I wondered what on earth they’d been teaching him).

He’s also started things like feeding teddy and putting all of the toys to bed.

IMG_2372Yesterday he went through the motions of putting his little plastic sheep to bed under a “snuggle.”  Once sheep was tucked in, he went and got his book of nursery rhymes and pretended to ‘read’ Baa Baa Black Sheep to it as a bedtime story).

Suffice to say he remains a fundamentalist animal lover.  His first word being “baa” was, it turns out, indicative of the boylet to come.  All of his favourite iPad games, jigsaws and songs are animal-related.  (Charles and Kate, if you happen to be reading this, I should tell you that the little sets of plastic farm animals and dinosaurs that you bought him for Christmas are ADORED).


And, of course, dinosaurs count as animals.  This little family unit is currently flavour of the week.  (FYI: Dippy and Steggy, on the left, are the parents of Baby Steggy and ‘Tops, on the right, is the lone parent of  Baby ‘Tops).  The two little baby dinos were bought as a treat at the weekend and, so far, their life with childbeast has alternated between cuddle sessions with their surrogate parents and being dropped through the banister railings to the bottom of the stairs and then retrieved with an exclamation of “Poor Tops, poor steggy, poor T-rex“.  (When he asks them to ‘put the lotion in the basket‘  I will start to worry.)

I don’t know why I bother actually as it’s not as if you have to buy them toys anyway. The toy department of Bentalls seemed remarkably content to let him do this for an extended period one rainy day last month without us having to make a purchase…

April 2013

Last weekend it was the annual May Fair on Richmond Green. We took the boylet along for a day out and he had his first go on some fairground rides…


Carousel3The big excitement was being taken on the carousel.  It was one of those where you can’t afford to be shy… everyone hovers around the outside and the minute it stops you have to pile on and grab a ride or miss your chance.  As fortune would have it, we managed to get a horse with the name James painted on it. Serendipity, you’d think…. except, throughout the ride, James kept staring wistfully at the giant chicken immediately next to us.  For the rest of the afternoon, every suggestion was met with a shake of the head, a pointy finger and the word “chicken!”….  until eventually we gave in and took him back on the carousel, bagging a place on the chicken and seemingly making his week.

IMG_1161In pageboying news, I am pleased to report that he managed not to ruin his uncle’s wedding with a tantrum in the aisle or some other disgrace.  I did have to administer an emergency cuddle at one point when there was simply too much standing still for toddlerkind to tolerate, but generally he was happy because he got to hold an older girl’s hand. He does so love older girls.

< < Here is a solemn-faced pic showing daddy and boylet looking splendid in their wedding outfits.

After the ceremony James had an absolute ball, staying up until midnight and dancing to Abba tunes. Bless!  The second he woke up in the morning he sprang out of bed and dashed to the hotel room door and pointed outwards, demanding “more dancing!”

IMG_1562We were able to re-use his page boy outfit and enjoy more dancing the following weekend at the christening party of one of his little pals.  

What with balloons and live music from Italian musicians, lots of fun was had.  

And now…  I have clean forgotten the hundreds of other things that I was planning to say.

I shall simply sign off with a few more recent pics from a day out at Osterley House and Gardens and one of sleepy angelhood from yesterday evening.






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  1. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, to find a discount priced, half empty vine bottle amongst your son’s toys made me sad

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