Bored before I even began

Could there be a more tedious shopping expedition than replacing a pushchair? It has to be up there with buying a new ironing board.

Like most people, we’ve ended up using our ‘travel’ pushchair all the time because it’s small and light. But we’ve had to face the fact of late that the one we inherited from our downstairs neighbours has reached an embarrassing state of tattiness. Even worse than that, someone else at James’s nursery has exactly the same model, even shabbier than ours and covered in mystery stains that have texture. *shudder*  Why do we know this? Because they keep taking ours home by mistake, leaving us with no option but to strap James into the stainmobile.

Anyway, the ennui with which we approached this shopping expedition at the weekend was second to none. You start off saying “Oh, I don’t care. I just want one that folds up small and is a reasonable price” and then when you start looking you find that you do care, really. You notice that some have no rain hood or shopping basket, some have wheels that don’t swivel, or gargantuan tractor wheels that fill a square yard even when collapsed. Some are ‘Barbie pink’ and some have naff featurettes, like a BMW logo on the strap fastener. (I suppose if your ambition is to mould your child into Jeremy Clarkson, you may as well start them young).

Before you know it, you’ve upped your budget simply for the privilege of something that folds up small but won’t tip over when you hang your shopping on it. Anyway (sorry, this tedious story never ends, does it?) we were about to replace our knackered Maclaren with exactly the same model when we spotted a cheaper one in Mothercare that looked more or less the same. Now that we’ve had it delivered it turns out to weigh a metric ton and folds up bulky and is generally a bit ‘meh’. Balls.

*shake* …are you still awake?

In other news, Microbe’s toddler-PMT continues unabated. Sometimes he crumples his face and says “I wa wa waaant…” and then fails to think of anything in particular to request. I think he just resides in a general state of unrequited WANT (and is, alas, too young to have discovered gin).

Last night he had an extra special tired-boy meltdown. It is ever a trial to tear him away from Curious George at bath time, but the customary “Nooooooo!” progressed this time into full-on sobbing and gulping and railing against the injustice of the world. I asked him to calm down and tell me what the problem was and he said

“I wa wa wa wa –“ [judder] “ma ma ma my” [sob] “ju ju ju ju juuuice!”

Being a pragmatic sort, I handed him his juice in the bath. This caused a double meltdown.

“Nooooooo!!!” [flail] “I wa wa wa wa want it in in in in the kiiiiiitchen!!”

To this I rolled my eyes.  When bath was over and PJs on, I said “Look, you can have your juice in the kitchen now”.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” [tears, sobs, crazed writhing] “I want mi mi mi mi mi miiilk! And nu nu nu nu nuggle! And Cu cu cu cu curious G G G G George!”

Double eyeroll.

I do make him sound dreadful, don’t I? Poor Microbe. The truth is that, aside from the occasional tantrum or biting incident, he is a good and sweet natured boy – and ever so cuddly and affectionate. He’s also developing a sense of humour and likes to have little in-jokes with me and seems to respond well to teasing. Long may it last.

This morning he was very excited to go to nursery and see his BFF, Sam.  (This is the same boy that he bit the other week, so I am assuming that they have resolved their differences over toy stewardship.)

In other news, the very observant among you may have noticed that I’ve finally got around to updating microbe’s blog header.  For posterity, here is a reminder of what I am replacing… teeny tiny newborn microbot. Remember him?

Old header

I’ve decided to switch on randomised header images, so you should now get a different header each time you refresh a page. (Go on – refresh!)  I shall add more images into the bucket as the whim takes me.

Doing this has reminded me that I’ve been meaning to compile a month-by-month mugshot montage to show the morphing of the microbe over his first 2 years.  Seriously, when I look back at old pics I see an unrecognisable stranger. I’ll be curious to see how it looks all lined up.  Maybe for my next post…. not least because G tells me off when I post Microblogs with no pictures.

About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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