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You’ve been in the house too long, she said

G spied on the microbe through the window at nursery this morning after dropping him off and was surprised to see that he serves his own cereal from a Tupperware box and drinks from a big boy cup. We might … Continue reading

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Unruly boys

Since we put the microbe’s new bed in, he no longer cries in the night wanting to come into our room… he simply turns up like a silent and deadly ninja.  The first night, I turned over in bed in … Continue reading

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Hey there Mr Blue

Mmmm, it looks as though someone switched on Autumn while we were away. I felt the annual spark of joy this morning as I was wheeling the microbe to nursery and surveying the fallen leaves and crisp September sunshine. Still, … Continue reading

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Mums on the internet

I was amused earlier by this blog post about parent tribes at the school gates. So here is a tribute piece from me about mums on the internet. (I am afraid I may be in several of these tribes at … Continue reading

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Spending warm summer days outdoors

It’s all change for the microbe this week. Today was his last day at his beloved Monday/Tuesday nursery, which is really quite sad. I’m so going to miss those daily diary updates. He’s finally transitioned to full time in the ‘big … Continue reading

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