The C Word

Last week the nursery microbes began to rehearse their nativity play. The boylet came home buzzing with the excitement of it all, wanting to sing the songs with us. We had to get him to do some explanatory renditions so that we could google it and find the song list online (all helpfully sung to the tunes of well-known nursery rhymes.)

As far as I can tell from his natter about angels and shepherds and Mary and the baby Jesus, there’s no mention of the stable animals in this nativity. If he ever gets wind of those the baby Jesus will be flying out of the window as fast as you can say “Cooooooow!!!!!

This year I am feeling cheerily festive about the approaching Christmas season. I tend to alternate every year between jolliness and a sort of all-encompassing meh at the insanity of it all. (I do suspect that Christmas would be more fun for everyone if it happened just a bit less often.)

Anyway this year I am radiating festive whimsy and so the microbe and I have started to make Xmas cards. I’ve been advised that the way to so this with a toddler is to start early and only do a few each time. So we made six at the weekend, using the slightly fraudulent approach of glueing pre-cut felt shapes onto blank cards and embellishing them. In this exercise I am in charge of the pointy scissors and the glue gun and the Microbe is in charge of art direction and embellishment.

We started by glueing some felt robins and then we each drew on some feet… (James is keen for you to know which one he did)


Then we cut out some squares of wrapping paper and James embellished them with ‘no’-flakes.


Finally we did a pair of gingerbread men. The first one was pretty straightforward. A “miley face“, buttons and that was that. The second, by contrast, had to have a sad face. My stealthy attempt to turn his mouth miley-side-up was met with an outraged “Nooooo, Mummy!” before being yanked off and re-done. So – one of you can look forward to getting that one.


In book news, top fave since Halloween has been Jan Pienkowski’s classic pop-up, Haunted House, which I reckon a lot of you (around my age) will remember from childhood. I was afraid it might be a bit too scary for a 2-year-old but we’ve managed to circumvent this with a lighthearted interpretation of what we see in the pictures.

In our version. the kitchen-monster sings happy birthday before revealing the birthday cake in the oven…


The gorilla talks about his knitting and sings happy birthday to the cat…


And the wardrobe-skeleton pops out and asks the mice to find his false teeth. Also – take note: this book features the original Ceiling Cat!


Moving on…

Since the introduction of sticker-rewards the boylet’s eating has improved slightly – but he remains a skinny little workhouse oik. The other day he made us guffaw by walking up to me proffering a bowl that had run out of Maltesers and saying “Please mummy I want some more“.

And on top of this the poor wee microbe is once again beset by microbes. Yesterday morning I had difficulty waking him up for nursery because he’d been coughing all night long and wanted to stay asleep. But we sent him in anyway (just as our own parents would have done) and, by the time he got back home, he was positively consumptive, with flaming rosy cheeks and a steady stream of snot, coughing and eye-streaming. We evetually packed him off to bed smelling of olbas and will hope for a speedy recovery. Bless.

Well that’s all for now… time to hop off and eat my dinner.


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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