Tales of British awkwardness #100397

G and I think that we might have met a pair of local parents who are even more misanthropic than us (we hadn’t realised this was possible).

Most of the parents at James’s nursery are in that group of people that we sometimes pass in the street and have awkward half-recognition moments with, followed by everybody launching into overly hearty greetings/goodbyes directed at the children, to avoid futile adult chit-chat.

Anyway this particular couple are often seen in our ‘hood during civilian hours and I commented to G earlier that the mum will do pretty much anything to avoid making eye contact with me. In response, G told me something hilarious. A short while ago he encountered the dad at the playground at the end of our road and they were forced to make awkward man-chat by the swings. At some point they both started packing up their microbes to go home and said goodbye – and then it became clear that the most supremely AWKWARD thing ever was about to happen – as in – they were about to exit the playground and walk off down the road together in exactly the same direction.  

So the other dad’s reaction to this was literally to run away.  He simply grabbed his pushchair handles and legged it off down the road – not in a ‘jogging’ sort of way but in a ‘fleeing’ sort of way.  This anecdote has made me lol lots, hence I cannot resist sharing it here. (I think this scenario needs adding to this Buzzfeed list of Very British problems)  

In other news of awkwardness, the microbe has been on a relentless animal role-playing kick lately, which means that he likes to dictate what animal everybody is and then expect  us all to play along.

The result? I get “Mummy, you’re a pig!” quite often in public.  Or, while walking around a shop…

“Mummy, you’re a cow!”
“Am I? Oh good. Moo. Now stop shouting
*5 mins later, apparently apropos of nothing*
“Mummy, I  want to milk you!”

Thank you, Microbe. 

In other news, after weeks of looking unkempt, he has been freshly shorn.  Because I am too lazy to brush his hair or go and get my proper camera (and because he won’t behave and sit still for an ipad photo), here are some scruffy pap shots, which give the general idea… (click to see bigger)


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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