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Because the night belongs to microbes

Monsieur ‘Crobe and I are on our own for the next 7 days, as daddy has gone away on a jet plane.  I’ve started as I mean to go on and eaten a takeaway and Laughing Cow triangles for my dinner (culinary standards … Continue reading

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The Abridged Internet for Parents

Parents, do you feel good about yourselves? If so, stop that right now. You clearly haven’t been paying enough attention to the internet. And, in case you don’t have time to read every article on the Daily Fail/Parent Dish et … Continue reading

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Nursery crimes and other tales

The microbe loved being a wolf for World Book Day. So much so that he refused to take the hat off for the rest of the week. (Books schmooks, kids -it’s ALL about the dressing up!) On Friday I overheard … Continue reading

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Some birds are bigger than others

The other week G and I took the microbe to feed the ducks and ended up having a debate (amid a gaggle of ducks, geese, swans, moorhens and seagulls) as to whether the less appealing birds should be allowed any … Continue reading

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Spring sprung… maybe

Hello again.  Can you believe it? Three posts in a week?  Don’t worry – it won’t last.  (This one is just a quickie to bung some pics here as a memoir). This weekend felt like the first day of Spring! … Continue reading

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