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Oh no I’ve said too much

Yesterday we had a parents evening at nursery on how they prepare the children for school. Yes – SCHOOL!!! I think their main aim was to convince the local mumerati not to get carried away and teach little Tarquin to read … Continue reading

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Flockenstein’s Monster

The other day the microbe was doing something mildly annoying and I bellowed “Stop!!” and he looked back at me and replied “Hammertime!” I have nobody to blame. I programmed him myself. On another topic, have you ever had to … Continue reading

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The son and the heir of nothing in particular

Hmph. I have my disgruntled hat on today. I don’t want to be spending my week in the grey cavern of air-con talking to grey-clad people about IT projects. I want to be sipping a cold beer in a lavender … Continue reading

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That’s enough, sir!

The Microbe is going through a phase of uttering endless streams of nonsense words. (I have no idea from whom he might have inherited this trait.) This involves saying “boing!” at every opportunity and supplying an omnipresent white-noise made up of … Continue reading

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