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O Tannenbaum, O what the hell…?

Whatever I said in my last post, you might as well discount it all. Our household has sunk well and truly into a fuzzy, pre-Xmas fug. I can’t even blame it all on the microbe because I’m starting to feel … Continue reading

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So here it is, Merry November

So… apparently it’s not Christmas. If only someone had told the shops about this. Ever since we took the Microbe shopping IN OCTOBER he’s been under the impression that Father Christmas might pop down the chimney at any minute. Tsk. It’s not as … Continue reading

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Children in Greed

Good evening dear blog. I see it has been over a month since my last confession. I’ve been mentally storing up all manner of amusing anecdotes but have lacked the impetus to write any of them down. As a result, most … Continue reading

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