Arrrrrrdvaarks and other animals

In seasonal style, the boybot’s animal obsession-of-the-week is Rudolph.  Cue the following early morning exchange……

“You’re not taking that Rudolph toy to nursery with you”
“Nnnngggghhh!! But we haven’t GOT any Rudolph toys at nursery!”
“You don’t need Rudolph toys. You can just pretend.”
“But then my friends won’t want to play with me”
“What do you mean?”
“They don’t like to play Rudolph and Father Christmas. They just like to play bash-boom”
“What’s bash-boom?”
It’s where you run around and bash everything and knock all the toys over”
Oh.  Who likes to play that?”
“[chief boy cronies]”
“Um, have you thought about asking some of the girls if they’d like to play Rudolph and Father Christmas with you?”

I don’t think he got the memo about how to be a boy.  Though. as far as I can tell, he plays every day with the same little crew of 4 or 5 boys and rarely mentions girls.

It doesn’t help that he tries to sneak obscure animals into any form of make-believe play. I had to laugh at parents’ evening when I chatted to his key carer… 

“Does he get on ok with his friends?
“Oh, yes. He’s very sociable and plays with quite a wide group these days” 
“Sometimes he comes home and moans that nobody wanted to play with him”
“Really?  That’s not true.  Oh, wait… I know what he’s referring to. “
“Well, occasionally he cries that the others won’t play with him, and when I investigate it turns out they’re all playing a pirate game but James is insisting on being an aardvark”

This I can believe.

God bless her patience and negotiation skills. She says that she usually manages to broker a deal in which they agree to play pirates first and then do an animal game afterwards.

Moving on, here are a few quick pics from the weekend of tree-abuse…

We were delighted to find the perfect Christmas tree straight away on Saturday morning and G did some sawing and then left it overnight to soak. Once it got dark, we went to see the Enchanted Woodland in the grounds of Syon House – which was more or less the same as last year, but the atmosphere felt extra-magical due to the amount of mist in the air.  It was also extremely cold – the microbe wore a full set of PJs under his clothes and G and I huddled up and mulled things the minute we got home.

I always find it hard to capture the prettiness in night-time photos but here are a few snaps…




On Sunday morning, after much badgering, we dredged up the energy to put the boy out of his misery and take the tree out of soak.  Jimmy and I then spent a cheerful hour decorating it. As luck would have it, our baubles co-ordinate quite well with Cadbury Purple and Lindt Gold.




The tree decorating was hindered, as ever, by frequent tuts, arm-waving, and bellows of “Oi! Cat!!” (from me) and “Harriet!! Sad choice!!” (from James).  All to no avail, because humans have zero authority in our house.  (Truffle pretends to look on with an air of big sisterly exasperation, until the excitement starts to infect her enough to join in.)

The boybot is LOVING the fact that someone in the house is naughtier than him. He has taken great pride in re-hanging the baubles twice-daily and telling me “I am tidying up Harriet’s mess”.  He also enjoys being rewarded in tree-chocolates.

Anyway…  once the tree was fully blinged up, we headed to our local community Christmas fair, where the boybot had his annual conflab with Father C.  I seem to recall last year’s Santa being flummoxed by James asking for a mole. This year’s version seemed no less bemused by his desire for a badger…


Jimmy also won a donkey in a tombola and had a ride on James the Red Engine…


And we saw some live reindeer (none of which had red noses, much to the boy’s dismay)


Then it got dark, and G and I put up our outdoor lights, and we switched everything on – ta daaa!

I played about by adding a starburst lens filter to my camera, which turns lights into twinkly stars. It’s fun, but it does make the pics a tad illegible…




Eep! Now I have to run, so I shall hop off and report back again when I have something to say.


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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