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Goodbye Normal Jeans

Yes, it’s the blog title so good, I had to use it twice. Once again, G uttered these lines upon the arrival of a Next package containing my new pair of maternity Jeans. (You can see why I keep him on.) Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Spoilers, darling

Recently G and I became certain that the microbe must have guessed about Thing 2. Not only was there a sudden and marked interest in my “big tummy” but also lots of enthusiastic role play in which he is a big brother animal … Continue reading

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Carry on glamping

This morning’s profundity: “Mummy, why are we all getting dressed when it’s still dark outside?”  A very good question, microbe. Is it too soon to break it to him that we live in a cruel and barbaric land? As it … Continue reading

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Thing Two

Happy new year, dear blog. I suppose now might be a good time to mention some news… Despite my crone-like state, and tiny residence, and usual sanity about lifestyle decisions, there is going to be a Thing Two. Ruprecht 2.0 is scheduled to … Continue reading

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