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Is it the clumpy way he walks?

Hooray! I saw Babs Woodhouse today at my 36 week bump-prodding appointment. She was my favourite midwife when I was pregnant with James but this is the first time I’ve seen her this time. I’m not sure she’d be everyone’s … Continue reading

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It’s gruesome…

What is it with people who do studio photography for schools and nurseries that makes them want to create such hideous and unnatural portraits? No matter what your child looks like in real life, they somehow manage to turn every single one … Continue reading

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Unruly boys

The other evening I let the microbe loose for a run about in the park with his little nursery pal, Flynn. At some point Flynn’s dad and I exchanged a brief eyebrow-raise as we noticed that our ‘charming boys’ appeared to be having a lot … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the fish

Well… this is me skipping off into the sunset.  It’s my last day at work for a year – and I ran out of handover-ish things to do by mid-afternoon so have slipped away early. G has hopped on a plane and … Continue reading

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Everything but the girl

So – enough about Thing 2…  here’s one about a boy. This week, he’s discovered Frozen. He’s very late to the party, but at last is able to converse with the girls at nursery on their specialist topic. It’s the first time … Continue reading

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The final countdown

Eep. I appear to have a new due date. All being well, Thing 2 will be making an appearance via elective Caesarian on Thursday 21st May, five days before her actual due date – and in the same week as  G’s … Continue reading

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