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Little Dahlings

So… we have a new blog title – and I’ve made a few small edits to welcome Matilda into the cyber-fold. I received lots of good title suggestions from friends (including the title of this post) but practically everything I … Continue reading

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A post for posterity

Thing 2 has arrived, at 9:37 on 21st May, and we have decided to call her Matilda Jane. With that and James, I guess people could be forgiven for thinking that we’re Roald Dahl fanatics, though that thought only occurred … Continue reading

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The day after tomorrow

It’s a little bit weird knowing the exact day that you’re going to give birth. Certainly a different experience from last time. In 48 hrs I will, theoretically, be holding Thing 2 in my arms. I don’t know why I feel … Continue reading

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The meanest cat in old Twickenham town

Whoo! I slept until 9:50 this morning! An unprecedented lie-in. I can remember looking at my clock around 2-ish, 4-ish and 6-ish, and thinking each time about giving in and getting up – but I must have zonked back into … Continue reading

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50 shades of meh

So tired of… Not sleeping Not being allowed any useful medications Getting back-ache from 5 minutes of ironing Wanting to sit down after 5 minutes of walking anywhere The direct correlation between fervour to sort the house out and lack of energy … Continue reading

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Urg. Just over 2 weeks to go… and I feel totally unready in every possible way. It’s not just the domestic stuff (woe to the fact that I have failed to redecorate the flat!)  It’s the emotional stuff too. As long … Continue reading

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N N N N Nineteen

Eep! Thing 2 is due in 19 days. That’s not even 3 weeks away. Where did the time go? I seem to have become distracted by unnecessary sewing and have failed to do even half of the domestic stuff I was … Continue reading

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