Urg. Just over 2 weeks to go… and I feel totally unready in every possible way.

It’s not just the domestic stuff (woe to the fact that I have failed to redecorate the flat!)  It’s the emotional stuff too. As long as Thing 2 stays in there she is a conceptual being and remains very easy to look after. But once she comes out I’ll turn into a crazed hormonal teary person all over again…  and sometimes G and I just can’t imagine having enough love and affection left to spare for a whole ‘nother person on top of The Microbe.

I suppose these are pretty common fears.

At least I’ve finally got round to ordering newborn size nappies from Ocado …and have started to think about what to put in my hospital bag, It’s slightly different with a c-section (e.g. I won’t be bothering with a labour playlist or a TENS machine this time) but otherwise most of the stuff that people recommend packing is the same.  A friend of mine had a a c-section in the same hospital last year and told me that, these days, they like to send you home after 24 hours – which is great news. I remember DYING to come home last time, just for want of a lovely shower and to get changed, as it felt like I’d been in there forever.

She also told me that, with the second c-section, they cut out the old scar and join up the skin on either side of it to make a new one. Hooray for an unexpected nip and tuck! I was fearful that I’d end up with an even less appealing scar than the one I’ve already got. It never did fade into that invisible silver line that that the midwives predicted, but still looks like someone drew on me with a pink sharpie.

I sometimes wonder whether I’ve made the right decision re: the whole caesarian thing… especially it turns out that Thing 2 is not going to be such a scary heffalump as first thought. But – I reckon it’s best to stick to the plan now – and it does at least take away any stress of uncertainty.

I’m still itching to get on and build the crib for our bedroom… but first I have to complete the penance of clearing out and reshuffling some drawer space. Groan.  Also nesting is doing weird things to me this week. I can’t stop making unnecessary pillowcases and pointless quilts that Thing 2 won’t even have a use for until she’s about 2 years old…

And the Lakeland website has suddenly taken on an almost pornographic allure – I keep looking lustfully at things like clothes airers. Seriously…

In saner news, we had a visit from Helena and Ben on Sunday – possibly the last for quite some time, as they’re moving to the deep SW next weekend and we’re probably more likely to visit them next time. Microbe loves seeing them, despite the fact that the three of them are like chalk, cheese and some other incompatible substance.

For example, I had to laugh when, ten minutes after arrival, the three of them huddled around me in the living room and all talked at once, with none of them listing to one another. Two miniature Davids (Beckham and Attenborough) and Princess Ennui…

Helena was badgering me to get her started with a sewing kit that she’d found in the microbe’s sewing box, while boy was simultaneously attempting to show her some nerdy detail in his latest animal book – and Ben was desperately trying to convince the boy to play football. Hence we had a harmonious 3-way chorus of:

I want to do this one. I like this colour. I don’t like pink any more. Blue and green are my favourite colours now. Ok I’ve had enough now, can you finish. it?

Helena, look! This is called a Linsang! It’s like a cat and it lives in the rainforest!

Lets play football! Lets play football!

But then we took the three of them out to a brilliant nature-themed kids’ event in Twickenham and they had a fab time playing together, with never a difference between them.

A few pics…


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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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  1. quietcontentment says:

    The Lakeland heated clothes airer is truly a thing of wonder.

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