The meanest cat in old Twickenham town

Whoo! I slept until 9:50 this morning! An unprecedented lie-in. I can remember looking at my clock around 2-ish, 4-ish and 6-ish, and thinking each time about giving in and getting up – but I must have zonked back into a coma at some point.

Usually the boy comes and bounces about on me at 7-ish and prises my eyelids open and asks me to sort out his bottom or get him dressed for nursery or something, but I think G must have intervened today. Blessings on him!

crib1In other news, I think we’re now technically ready with everything we need for Thing 2, even though G and I would both really prefer to postpone her arrival for another 6 months or so.

Yesterday I indulged in 1/2 hour of flatpack glee and put together the bedside crib.  It’s almost identical to the one we had for boy, which was a god-send for night feeding.

crib2I’ve assembled it on it’s smallest setting for now but it can be expanded to a larger mattress if she gets too big for it. Also we can lower the mattress/raise the sides once she’s old enough to roll about or sit up. I’m not sure whether or not to bother with the canopy – it looks so much smaller and less obtrusive in my bedroom without it. Hmmm.

For naps, we’ve also got a lovely little moses basket on a rocking stand in the living room, which was donated to us by one of our NCT friends. So – suffice to say – Thing 2 has plenty of places to sleep.  Lets just hope that she’s more prone to doing so than her brother ever was.

Speaking of whom…  he had a fun weekend and seemed to be wearing his angel pants for the whole of it, despite both of us feeling a bit under the weather. I lugged him around some Spring fairs as promised and he had a playdate with some of his little NCT pals, which always makes him happy. And we bought several nice books and he met “the REAL Elsa” …bless!

Posing with Elsa

Getting their faces painted seems to be their favourite thing ever right now and, as usual, Jimmy begged to be a boar or a warthog but had to make do with being a leopard.

The lady who did the face painting was amazing! After our interminable experience the other week I was braced for an eternal queue of doom, but this woman rocketed through children at unfeasible speed. I swear she banged out each child’s full face paint in less than a minute, creating a butterfly or a big cat using a few fast dabs of a sponge and some deft, confident strokes of a paintbrush.

I thought Jimmy’s leopard face was really impressive, albeit a bit scary-looking. His pal Leo was done up as a brilliant and more mild-mannered tiger. I tried to take some progress pics as a reminder and I swear I have to look twice at some of these pics to work out who’s who – they have always been peas in a pod.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, inspired as I always am by people who are good at things, I now have a desire to get better at face painting. I reckon it would be a fun little treat to do on summer weekends, though it’s not a skill that I have very high hopes for. My previous halloween-themed attempts on the boy have always turned out a bit ropey and I found an eyeliner pencil to be much more forgiving than face paints when I did his Mr Fox whiskers. But anyway I’ve ordered some proper sponges and an instruction book from Amazon. (Not that it will include a warthog – tsk).

In bump news, I’ve had a few occasions lately of tummy-doom – or mega-intense feelings in the lower bump, usually late in the evening, and thinking “uh-oh…  not yet!”  but it’s always a false alarm. I guess it must be braxton hicks or something, though I never had those with boy so was unprepared for them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Thing 2 will just stay put until her scheduled date next week as I really don’t want her coming any earlier.

Also it’s G’s birthday before then and we’d love to squeeze in one last evening out – or a long, lazy birthday lunch at one of our local restaurants…

On a similar note, I’ve planned a birthday party for the boybot. Having decided a while back that there’s no way I’m doing a repeat of last year’s colossal but shonky efforts, especially with Thing 2 there to hinder me, we’ve gone for a ready-made woodland-themed party for him at a lovely local venue. We’re running it as a shared party with a little girl from nursery whose birthday is a week apart from his, which works out brilliantly from a financial point of view, especially as they have the same circle of friends. The other mum has offered to do the food and my job is to do the party bags and balloons. That I can manage.

However – woe is me- I also have the job of hand-writing the invitations, which I ought to do today, really. But – I don’t know what my problem is with hand-writing cards – I’d rather do pretty much anything other than this. I’d rather be working down a mine, or cleaning the loo, or gouging my eyes out or something. But never mind, I shall grit my teeth and put on a rousing rendition of We Shall Overcome

Last, but not least, I’m still having dreamy thoughts about that house in Taunton. G even went and had a look around it last weekend and said it is just as lovely – if not more so – than it looks in the pics. The only down sides are a small back garden (courtyard style) and the fact that Taunton is 8 gazillion miles away from London. Hmm. The trouble with falling in love is that you tend to throw those sort of rational objections out of the window with never a second thought.

Given the hopelessness of our timing right now, what’s most likely to happen is that someone else will nab it while I’m laid up on milkmaid duty and I’ll pout and moan about it and then G and I will drift along for several more months until we either bite the bullet and do up our loft or find another unfeasible house of romantic gorgeousness in the sticks to drool over.  Only time will tell…


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