Little Dahlings

So… we have a new blog title – and I’ve made a few small edits to welcome Thing 2 into the cyber-fold. I received lots of good title suggestions from friends (including the title of this post) but practically everything I tried was pre-bagged as a WordPress domain. Many thanks go to brilliant Charles for coming up trumps with a new title that is both perfect and available. Hooray!  (Hopefully those of you who subscribe by email should notice no difference).

I’m somewhat freaked out to note that the girl was born a week ago today. I swear it feels like the day before yesterday… this week has been a very weird time-shifting experience.

On Tuesday the midwife came and weighed the girlbot and did the heel prick test. I’d forgotten, until G reminded me, that we had a scare with the microbe’s heel prick results, which came out inconclusive for hypothyroidism twice in a row and we were quite worried and had to go and get him re-tested at Great Ormond Street.

Ever an awkward devil – the midwife also declared his birth weight to have dropped to worrying levels and was considering admitting him to hospital – hence we ended up feeding him with syringes and bottles for a week just to measure what he was getting and ensure that he gained enough weight to tick the right boxes.

The girl is clearly a better feeder than he was and her minimal weight loss seemed to satisfy the midwife. Lets hope her blood test proves to be as cooperative.

She also took my dressing off on Tuesday and today I had a first proper look at my scar, to see how it’s doing. I have to say I am WELL impressed with the consultant who did my op! It’s such an improvement on the scar that was there before, it’s as though I’ve had cosmetic surgery.  Only one week in and it’s already smaller, flatter and less visible than its predecessor.  I just wish I could remember the surgeon’s surname as I’d like to send her a thank you note for doing such a nice job.

As for girlbot, she appears to be doing what week-one newborns do and spending most of her time either eating, sleeping or pooing.  It’s pretty much one of those three at all times and she’s rarely awake without wanting milk. I seem to recall that the bawling phase starts after the first two weeks, so I shall look forward to that…

I think that her eyelashes are just beginning to emerge – though they’re still so fine and fair as to be almost invisible. I’d forgotten that newborns are often born without eyelashes – it’s one of the things that makes them look a little bit alien.

Her face also looks quite red and blotchy at times, usually on her forehead, nose and eyelids. It tends to calm down when she sleeps and flares up again when she’s awake or feeding. And she’s started to peel very slightly here and there but, overall her dermatological woes are less severe than her brother’s as a newborn. I seem to recall him suffering from a blotchy facial rash for several weeks and he had quite bad peeling on his body from being over-pickled for two extra weeks.

In an attempt at comparisons, I rummaged out a couple of pics of the boy as a newborn to compare with his sister. It’s tricky to judge because so many newborn features are generic – also the fact that they’re wearing the same hat goes a long way here to giving an illusion of similarity – but still…


I think that they have similar mouths, but M has a slightly wider and less buttony nose than J, and she definitely has smaller, flatter ears. Other than that – we will have to wait and see what little face emerges. (If she changes half as much as boy did in the first few months, she could look completely different by August.)

As for me, I’m really enjoying certain things about not being pregnant, such as:

  • Indulging in a celebratory Campari spritz or two
  • Not needing a wee 24 hours a day
  • Fat slices of unpasteurised brie (if anyone feels the need to tell me that I’m supposed to avoid that while BFing I shall simply stick my fingers in my ears and say “la la la”)

Other than that, I was braced for the fact that I’d still look 5 months pregnant for several weeks after the birth but I do wish my horrid bulging feet would hurry up and shrink.

As for the boybot, I think he is suffering a little bit from anticlimax and a melting pot of emotions after the birth. He’s been so good and sweet with his sister, and he keeps telling everyone at nursery all about it and how he helps with her nappies. But I think the sudden drop in attention (especially from me) is getting to him and we’ve had a couple of tired and emotional meltdowns from him about nothing in particular, where I’m not even sure if he knows what’s wrong with him. It’s really quite unusual as he’s never been one to go in for tantrums or histrionics.

At the moment G and I are just trying to be a little more indulgent and sensitive around him, and reminding him that we love him at every opportunity. Here’s hoping things will settle down soon. I’m glad he has his birthday coming up soon, so that we can make a fuss of him then.


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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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