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I would not, could not, with a goat!

I think this baby wins at sibling schadenfreude. The other day I was ranting on at James about something or other and happened to glance down at her face, mid-bellow, and saw a look of pure, unadulterated glee. She’s exactly the … Continue reading

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Put on your black shoes and stomp the blues

Good evening all. The manbeast is in the pub and both microbes are asleep so I’m popping in for a brief ramble before I nod off in my chair. After our recent spate of sad family news, I’m glad that life is uneventful right … Continue reading

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The Graduate

Yesterday G and I attended what might be, in equal measure, the cutest and daftest event ever. This was James’s graduation ceremony from nursery…  with mortar boards and scrolls and everything. Apparently this sort of thing is all the rage at nurseries … Continue reading

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You’re the one for me, Fatty

I seem to have been incapable of blogging lately. My head is constantly whirring with funny little things that I want to jot down and remember but I can’t seem to find the time and then they slip away forever. Still – the girlbot is 8 … Continue reading

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More sad news

It has been a bad few weeks for our family. So shortly after losing Pops, today’s sad post is to record that we lost Grandpa Bob on Friday, following a battle with cancer. One of the most steadfast, decent and … Continue reading

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