You’re the one for me, Fatty

I seem to have been incapable of blogging lately. My head is constantly whirring with funny little things that I want to jot down and remember but I can’t seem to find the time and then they slip away forever.

Still – the girlbot is 8 weeks old today and has been smiling for while now. I think she was 5 weeks when I captured this pic…


It goes an amazingly long way to compensate for the horrors of Gremlin O’Clock (aka 6 – 9pm) during which she is a writhing little malcontent who provides us with a daily soundtrack of WAAAH!

Still, she’s a good eater and seems to have crept up from the 25th percentile to the 50th. So accustomed are we to the lean and leggy Microbe, G and I are finding ourselves amused on a daily basis by the sight of proper little baby chubbs and dimples. Check out the tummy and thighs…


Up until now she’s been living the passive, unfocused life of a small baby – spending most of her time horizontal and being passed around from one family member to another at a series of gatherings.

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Recently she’s starting to look a bit more human and spends most of her time staring at things, thwacking at things and grinning at anyone who takes the time to engage with her face-to-face. She seems to enjoy being shown the pictures in James’s books – and he is more than happy to show them to her.

In a bid to combat second-child-syndrome (poor unphotographed child that she is) I am trying to nag myself into making iPhone videos to capture her early days. Here’s one from around 6 weeks…

What I really *must* try and capture on video – if only as a service to parentkind – is the miraculous effect that white noise has on her when she’s grizzling. Every time I show anyone they’re amazed – including my GP the other week, who wanted to know the name of the audio tracks so that she could pass it on to other mums.

In boybot news, sound the trumpets, for he is now 4! He had a birthday party and a trip to a farm… and there lies a whole blog post that failed to happen. Sorry Microbe. All I can say is that there are photos on Flickr and at some point I will upload a video or two.

But here are a few quick pics, for posterity





(By the way, I’m painfully aware that thank-you notes for both of my microbes are overdue. Please be assured that we are genuinely very grateful for gifts – just horribly tardy, as ever and I shall try to rectify things ASAP).

We’re now in the count-down to starting school and he’ll need to be measured for a uniform soon. His reception class is going to be called Van Gogh and will have 30 kids, all of whom are strangers to the microbe. We were sent a list of his fellow classmates and I’m half-hoping the boy might befriend one or two of them in particular, just so that I can get a look at the children that go with those names.

We went for a school visit a couple of weeks ago where the kids could run around for an hour and meet their future teachers. Only two teachers per class – a big jump from nursery, which has 3 kids to every teacher. Also, it also looked to me as though the majority of the other children already know each other – hence I had to drag myself out of my antisocial swamp and make a desperate bid to get phone numbers from a couple of other mums to see if I can arrange some play dates before school starts.

As for me, I still appear to have major baby brain. How long is that meant to last? It’s bad enough finding myself raving on about how I can’t find my phone – whilst talking on the phone, but on Monday I turned up a week early for Hubble’s 8-week GP appointment. (I have warned G that I am not to be trusted right now.)

Before I go, I shall just mention that I had some lovely hardback photo books made the other week. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, in lieu of paper photo albums, so I made four retrospective year books for James, starting from 2011. The photos run chronologically throughout each year and my plan is to make one for each child in future years.

These are the front covers


These are the back covers


And here are some examples of the inside layouts

samples1 samples3

I realise it’s a bit meta to take photos of photos but I wanted to pass on a recommendation in case anyone else is thinking of doing likewise. I know there are a gazillion places that will print photo books nowadays but I decided to use one called Blurb.

It’s based in the USA but it has a UK version of the website and the delivery was fast. I chose it because I liked their styling options for the books – and because their user interface for creating the book layouts is nice and intuitive.

The only downsides are that you have to place an order for your book within 15 days of designing it, otherwise it’ll be deleted from their server and you have to start again. Also some of my books arrived with a page stuck together along the top edge, which was annoying and caused a bit of ink to lift at the edges – but G couldn’t spot where that happened so I guess it’s not noticeable.

If anyone does decide to use Blurb, wait for one of their special offers, unlike me who paid full price and then got an email a week later about their 35% off promotion – bah!



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