There was a little girl…

I think Mildred Hubble might be the best baby ever. We had a lovely lie-in this morning until almost 11am!  Admittedly I’d fed her at 4-ish and 8-ish but that long morning doze was sweet.


She’s three months old now and I must say she gives me no trouble at all. However much I like to pronounce “Mildred Hubble you’re NOTHING but trouble” I can’t back it up with many facts. Her worst crime is a built-in siren that activates the nano-second my dinner is ready. Instant Waaah O’Clock every dinnertime. On the dot. But, other than that, she’s an angel, really.

I’ve not had her weighed for a while but she still appears to be a thriving little Tillytubby. Alas, the poor love is currently going through that unfortunate hair phase in which they develop a circular bald patch at the back from lying down so much. This, as pointed out to me the other day, makes her look like Mel Smith. Poor Mildred. There’s nothing I can do with it other than hide it under hats.

Oh but she’s so cute though…

That vid was her first go in the tippie-toes doorway dangler and she looks hilariously tiny when she’s standing upright.

The boybot, meanwhile, has commenced his last week of nursery – yikes! Once he starts school he’ll be doing a much shorter day and I’m going to have to find ways to tire him out for an additional 3 hours each day. God only knows…

At least conker season is coming up. He seems to have developed conker fever about 6 weeks too early this year, thanks to the profusion of early windfalls in the park at the end of our road. He’s already filled a little box with soft, underripe ones that he makes me open for him with a penknife and I can’t do a load of washing any more without having to check all of his pockets for a daily haul of conkers and pebbles and other random finds.

G and I have decided not to book him onto any karate classes just yet. Instead we’ve signed him up for a Saturday morning drama and music class that starts in late September. They’ll be doing a winter show loosely based on The Nutcracker, which sounds like fun.

He’s been having a ball with his daddy lately, thanks to a concerted effort by G to organise James and Daddy activities – such as weekend swimming – while I’m busy with the baby. I get a bit jealous sometimes when I plan fun things for them to do without me and Millybags… e.g. here are some pics of them in the WestEnd the other week, as part of a boys’ theatre trip…

Next week we’re all off on a little holiday to Grandma’s before school starts and planning a day out at Longleat en route. Hooray! The microbe has been anticipating this safari for so long, I can’t imagine how it can live up to his expectations. He’s probably convinced himself by now that he’s going to see an endless succession of obscure things like sloths and pangolins and platypuses. I guess we’ll wait and see…



About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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