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Mulled whine

Oh god. Christmas is almost here. Why am I not feeling festive? Why does my house still look like an Amazon warehouse? Why is my cake not decorated? Why have we failed to do any of our food shopping for … Continue reading

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Hair brushed and parted

Someone pointed out to me the other day that Mildred looks like a cross between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. I’d like to feign outrage, but…  well… Poor little Microgirl.  There’s nothing I can do with it. In other news … Continue reading

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Ho Ho NO!

If I had one Christmas wish this year,  it would be for Father Christmas to kindly absent himself from my neighbourhood and give us all a nice, long break (maybe a few years) before coming back. It’s not that I object to … Continue reading

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Acceptable in the 80s

My favourite sound of the morning was G’s guffaw when the microbe went pitter-pattering down the corridor yelling: “Daddy, will you show me pictures of New Romantics wearing make-up?” This arose from his mild fascination with watching me put on slap. (The boy … Continue reading

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