Touched by your presents, dear

As if for no other reason than to prove me wrong, Little Miss Hubblepot chose the day after my last blog post to toddle down the hallway on her own two feet.

She seemed quite taken with her newfound skill and did it several times in the same evening… but hasn’t bothered at all since. The important thing, of course, is that she’s proven to her big bro that she’s perfectly capable of keeping her end up, should the mood take her.

Being four years apart, it’s rare that I spot physical similarities between the two of them. Especially as one of them is brunette and looks like a consumptive extra from Oliver Twist and the other is blonde and looks like a squidgy body double for Bride of Chucky. But occasionally I come across an old photo of the boybot, back when he was a baby, and I wonder whether there might be some trace of sibling resemblance after all…


The boy had much fairer colouring back then. I suspect Hubblepot is doomed to remain little and squidgy, like her mummy. But we’ll have to wait and see whether she turns brunette. Writing this has reminded me that I ought to do a monthly mugshot gallery for Thing 2 – and probably an updated one for the boy, too. More things to find time for.

In birthday news, little David Chattenborough has turned five and is now the proud owner of an even bigger menagerie, including such things as a giant armadillo, a platypus, a ferret, an echidna, a numbat, a wildebeest, an oryx and about 30 other beasties of the world. This makes him very happy indeed and his bed has been extra-full for the last two nights.


Hubble got him a book of prehistoric creatures and a set of animal Top Trumps and his big present was a bicycle, which he now has to learn to ride.


On Sunday we took him to his second home (aka The Natural History Museum) where he did lots of curator-bothering. Hubble was as good as gold, bless her, and seemed content to be taken on a train and wheeled about for hours.

For reasons best known to my past self, I didn’t get many pics of the girl’s birthday last month. I had the bright idea of recording a set of shaky-cam video clips instead. Hmmm. Roll on 4 weeks and I still haven’t got round to exporting the damn things off my phone.

Anyway here are a few, for the record…

Moving on to lofty matters…

It’s been one stress after another this week, with grumpy, high-maintenance neighbours, annoying surveyors and feckless solicitors. Between them they seem to be throwing up spanners on a daily basis. Still – at least we’ve emptied the junk vortex. I stuck my head up and took a few pics of the ‘before’ for posterity…

We now have far too much clutter in our storage unit to ever fit back into the eaves, despite freecycling a ton and taking countless car-loads to the tip.

It’s had a whole ‘nother car load added on top since I took this pic. There’s going to have to be a second cull on the way back in.

The building work is supposed to be entering full throttle this week but we’re not holding our breath, what with all the spanner-throwing and neighbourly hindrances. Feh.

On Monday I worked from home and had my first experience of builders galumphing about in the loft, directly above my head. I must admit I felt a pang of newfound sympathy for the downstairs tenants.  (Now kindly excuse me while I place an order for 35 layers of soundproofing underlay.)


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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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