Bah! Never mind the omnishambles that is the rest of the country, I am feeling VERY hormonal. Pity the poor, unsuspecting ladies that I’m on my way to have dinner with.

Chaos still reigns at home. I’ll post some lofty pics v soon – once the staircase is up. But, in a nutshell, the dormer bit seems to be up and it’s starting to resemble a room. Albeit a smaller-than-desired room, with a delightful view onto the useless strip of flat roof at the back of our flat on which we are not allowed to extend, by even an inch. But I’m not bitter. Much. (I told you I was hormonal)

Seriously, never buy a maisonette, people. The building rules for maisonettes suck. And Richmond council’s planning department sucks even more.

I know. First world problems, etc. I’ll shut up about it.

In other news, the school hols are suddenly looming and I’m not at all prepared. This is our first experience of having a microbe off school for 6+ weeks and G and I have barely even discussed how we’re going to cover it between us and when to take time off work. I keep meaning to book the boy in for a week at a Fit-for-Sport camp at my work, so he can commute in with me for a week, but we’re feckless fools and have failed to firm up any plans or book anything so far.


In Hubble news, she is deadly cute and toddling about quite often these days but still reverts to crawling if she wants to get somewhere at speed. This week she’s had such a severe attack of nappy rash that she didn’t want to sit down and G thinks it has spurred her on to walk more often. Poor thing.  No idea what’s suddenly brought that on.

Besides that, she is turning into a thoroughly willful little beast. Her favourite word du jour is “NOOO!” I have a feeling this one might be trouble. We never really had tantrums with the boy. He was more into whininess than fits of passion. But I won’t be surprised if the girlbot goes in for the full deal… face-down, throwing things, etc. I guess we’ll wait and see. It makes me laugh because she reminds me quite often of my mum, who was, frankly, not averse to the occasional tantrum.

NHMIn other news, I don’t know why I’m bothering with the loft because we appear to have moved into the Natural History museum. Ever since we got our membership cards the boy thinks of it as his weekend residence. If we went twice a week, every week, it would not be too often for him.

He’s also newly obsessed with a DVD that he got for his birthday in which David Attenborough wanders around the NHM watching extinct animals come to life around him, by the power of CGI.  He’s had it for less than a week and has probably watched it about 87 times so far.

Yesterday G walked in on him watching it and overheard this little piece of supreme pedantry:

Attenborough: “This fossil is called an archaeopterix”
Chattenborough: “No. This is the fossil of an animal called an archaeopterix”

(Dear god. And some of you thought his daddy was pedantic).


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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