Wouldn’t it be loverly?

Hubblepot has most definitely levelled up from baby to toddler and walks all the time now. According to her brother “she walks like a megatherium on its hind legs“. (I shall leave that to your imagination.)

She’s certainly more of a walky than a talky. I spotted an old blog post from when the boy was her age and he had a much wider vocabulary – albeit made up entirely of words related to farm animals.

Hubble mostly restricts herself to singing along with “Row, row, row your boat” and shouting “NO!” 8,000 times a day. Her other new favourite is “ta” which has been drilled into her recently by nursery. Apparently this means both  “please” and “thank you” and everything in between.

I don’t approve.

Why bother to teach baby versions of words that you’ll only have to train them out of later? Why not just skip straight to “please” and “thank you” in the first place? It’s not exactly “antidisestablishmentarianism“, is it?


And don’t get me started on their accents. The girl is already bellowing “No” in a way that sounds like “Now“. And, after three years of nursery, it’s a task of Sisyphus teaching the boybot that the letter ‘l’ at the end of a word is not pronounced as a ‘w’ – and “girl” does not rhyme with “bell“. Thank god they talk properly at school. I’m hoping it’ll knock it out of him before he starts saying things like “who’s the daddy?

In lofty news, the staircase is up! It appears to be floating in mid air and hasn’t got any banisters yet, but the builder assures me it will defy gravity and stay up.  Meanwhile the cats have discovered that they can get into the 8″ hollow space between the loft floor and the ceiling below. I bet the builders love that.


Last night I sat at the top of the new stairs and looked down over the living room and it was really cool! If only it could stay like this.

Alas, the next step involves putting up walls and doors where we don’t want them, in order to pass building fire regs. It’s SO frustrating and will make everything smaller and darker. I think we might be approaching the ludicrous position of paying to have it all put up and then paying to have it all taken down again after it’s been signed off. (There’s nothing quite like throwing every last penny you own into a fiery pit marked ‘box-ticking’.)


(Yes, I know. FWP).

Anyhow – the shell of the room upstairs is taking shape.  This is what the dormer wall looked like last week when it was first being erected…


Now it’s got proper walls and half of it has been fenced off to become the tiny ensuite bathroom. (You can see through it to next door’s loft conversion which is happening at the same time.)


Three veluxes have also gone in today, one over the stairway and two in the bedroom. It’s going to be very light up there.

I’m starting to ponder things  like decor and whimsy. We’ve got to hurry up and choose a floor and furniture for the ensuite. And we have to work out how to lay out the room, given its size constraints and sloping bits.

Assuming the kids go up there, a bunk bed is looking unlikely, height-wise. So we’ll probably put their beds side by side, with a bedside table in between. (Hubble in a cot to start with).

Their bedheads could possibly go up against this V-shaped wall…


In which case I found some gorgeous wallpaper that might look fab over their beds…

But the scale of the trees turns out to be a bit disappointing when you see it in room mock-up mode so I’d probably end up doing something with paint instead.

Another option is to put their bedheads against the eaves wall, one under each velux.  Having had a quick nose up there tonight, I think this is probably the more viable option.


In this case I have rather a dreamy vision of turning the v-shaped wall into a wall of books, from floor to ceiling – maybe even with a small ladder to make the highest shelves accessible to microbes.

My main worry is getting enough storage up there for their clothes and toys. Space is scant but if we don’t sort out storage their room is going to be a festering pit of foulness from the first 24 hours. We’re already resigned to the fact that the boy’s current bedroom will have to be re-purposed as a storage room for guitars, sewing machines, keyboards, a metric ton of craft stuff and whatever else is lucky enough to survive the second cull from the storage unit.

Hmm…  I suppose that’s enough about the loft.

In bookish news, I’ve finally given in to temptation and started reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to the boybot. I’ve been trying to rein myself in a bit with books and not get carried away reading him stuff that he’s not emotionally ready to appreciate or understand.  This leaves me with a constant dread that someone might show him the Harry Potter films before he’s reached the ideal age to appreciate the books. I feel like he needs a DNR-style tattoo on his wrist that says “DO NOT SHOW HARRY POTTER FILMS TO THIS MUGGLE”  I wonder if I could get it stamped by the Ministry of Magic.

The lady who runs our gorgeous local children’s bookshop was quite disparaging about parents who read the entire Harry Potter series to their 6 year olds – she also advised waiting a couple of years for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. But then one of my mum friends told me that her 5 year old son absolutely loved it and I couldn’t resist. We retreated to his bedroom for an hour on Tuesday amid the worst of the building disruption and I read about a third of the book aloud to him – and he was thoroughly enraptured.

I also read him a Michael Morpurgo last week that was way too old for him. It’s called The Butterfly Lion and had the allure of being about animals and partially set in Africa. The boy enjoyed it but he also found a bit sad – also I had to skip over a few pages of war stuff that would have been way over his head.  (I get the impression ‘war stuff‘ and ‘a bit sad‘ might be Morpurgo’s calling cards so I will avoid foisting any more of those on him for a few years.)

Poor Hubble has been a bit neglected in the book department, but I think she’s just getting to the age of being interested in such things, so I shall make an effort to do better. I must read her more rhymes, I am sure she will be able to memorise them.

Well that’s it for now…



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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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