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50 shades of meh

On my way to work I suddenly remembered that we need one of these doofuses because our new kitchen door whacks the wall every time you open it… Hopefully it will also function as a Microbe/cat entertainment system. Hubble discovered one while we … Continue reading

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Decoratin’ blues

I’m wilfully abusing this blog to ramble on about our building work. Those with no interest, look away now.  (EDIT: now that I’ve finished raving, I suggest everybody look away now, interested or not). I’m off work today, amid conversion chaos, and not … Continue reading

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Here comes the sun

I ought to be writing about the kids and our lovely visit to Grandma’s but I have much rambling to do first, on the topic of loftiness. Most importantly – Oh joyous day! The scaffolding is supposedly coming down today and … Continue reading

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What you get for asking

I’ve been trying to teach the Microbe tube etiquette all week as he’s been accompanying me to a sports camp at work.  This basically equates to four things: 1. Don’t hog a seat that you don’t need 2. Don’t touch … Continue reading

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