There is a light and it …goes out after 4 hrs

I promised that my next post would be all about the kids.

I’m afraid I lied…  they barely get a mention.

But I have a public service announcement of top importance. I’ve discovered that you can get dimmable fairly lights! I found these on Amazon while surfing for the kids’ room – they’re mains powered and come on 10 metres of fine copper wire, with a remote control for turning on/off and controlling the dimming.  And they can turn themselves off after 4 hrs. I think they’re fab!

Ever since the loft floor went down we all keep finding excuses to slink upstairs and spend time in there. (Even Hubble, every chance she gets). Oh, joyous room of clean, white, empty space! It’s like taking a holiday from the rest of the flat. I could sit in it for hours and I love sticking my head out of the windows and surveying the world from roof-level.

At the weekend I let both of the tiny savages run around up there for a bit and, when I returned, I found:

  • A floor full of discarded toys
  • Grubby smudges on the beautiful snow-white walls
  • A pair of shoes, hurled with abandon
  • A half-chewed sticker

It’s a tragedy on a grand scale but I give it 5 mins before this sanctified space falls into line with the rest of the flat. (We’re going to have to re-think the white walls).

Currently every evening and weekend of mine is spent waving tape measures around and/or staring at furniture on the internet and obsessing over how many mm it is in any given direction. It’s a decent-sized loft room but with an insane number of limitations on where things can go, due to the low ceiling, sloping walls, multiple windows, doors, eaves, etc. I’ve had to draw scale plans in Excel. (Never mind Photoshop, I use Excel for everything.)

The sloping alcove behind the door is the only possible place for a wardrobe, so I’ve done the deed and ordered a low-height wardrobe and drawers. Now I’m crossing my fingers that a) I haven’t made a colossal measuring blunder and b) I’ll be able to cram both kids’ clothes in there without defying the laws of physics.

My plans for toy storage are …er, um. Lets just say I’m working on that. There will be no corner unstuffed.

I spent the entire weekend pondering how to get their books up there, given the shortage of bookcase-friendly walls. My best idea so far is to turn the little wall with the dormer window on it into a book-nook, with bookcases under and around the window, a bench seat. If we use Jali for the custom shelves I reckon we can do it for a moderate price.

Here is a terribly unskilled mock-up that I did to try and show G what it might look like….


Anally retentive people will immediately spot the flaw in my plan. Yes?

The window is off-centre… gaaaah!

But it’s still better than anything else I’ve come up with.  The bench cushions would theoretically be made by me, using a piece of map-themed upholstery fabric that I’ve had kicking around for a while. I’d also want to put some LED lighting around the window and ideally the kids’ picture books would also get crammed along the left-hand wall where the socket is, in one of those kiddie book racks where the books face forwards.

Comments on a postcard…?

Meanwhile, sound the trumpets. We’ve chosen a stair carpet. A striped one, as predicted. Not the stuff of lust but the best one out of all of the near-identical samples we’ve tried. I think it’ll look pretty smart on the stairs, assuming the fitter can cope with lining up the stripes on all of the corner-turns.

In kitchen news, um, there’s no news.  With any luck, if we dither for long enough, holes in the floor and stacks of messy, evicted cupboard-contents will become the new norm (and thereby invisible) and we’ll save ourselves further money.

Meanwhile G has been secretly planning GADGE for the upstairs room.  You can see why I keep him on. Tonight he has revealed a nifty web-enabled surveillance camera for spying on the microbes. It looks like a tiny robot and is a bit like a baby monitor but more webby I think.

G has just shown me that you can move the camera around and zoom in and out by swiping on your phone. Also you can use its speaker to issue commands from downstairs, such as “Dinner’s ready” or “Stop that” or “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT UP!“.  (So, dear microbe, there will be no further truck with “Your sound waves didn’t reach my ear, Mummy“.)


About Susan Flockhart

Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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