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Jubilations! I’m typing from the far land of Spare Oom where eternal summer reigns around the bright city of War Drobe. Now that the kidbots are upstairs, the boy’s little bedroom has commenced its journey back to officehood/man-cave. (G has successfully bagsied it by installing musical instruments and amps and speakers and other such devices amid its farm animal-themed walls)

The important thing is that the builders have gone – hooray!! And, overall, I’m feeling really pleased with the way everything has turned out. I’ve made myself busy in the week with decorating and reorganising and slowly getting the flat back to a relatively peaceful state. (Except for the kitchen, which we shall not mention)

The hallway is currently crisp and white…


Enjoy it while it lasts. Next week I expect it to be dappled and smeared with snot/crayon/food and other lovely substances. But for now it s a blank canvas from which to consider what to do with it.

Also, three years later than planned, I’ve finally got round to painting the living room. The chimney breast is now slate blue and I really love it. I’ve painted the rest in a gorgeous, but slightly less gutsy, shade of chalky blue …but I reckon more slate might be required.

Dare I say it, after all our moaning, we’re actually starting to enjoy having new doors all over the place, especially as we can now easily keep Hubble in the living room or out of the kitchen.

But the loft room is the real kick for me. I’m so pleased with it and we all seem to gravitate up there. Even the cats!

On their first night upstairs, the boybot turned up beside my bed at 4am claiming “Mummy, my new bedroom is giving me nightmares” and I had to lug him back to bed, at which point Hubble woke up and thought it was playtime and started popping her grinning head over the cot side and saying “boo!” (Groan) But the second night was plain sailing and they’ve been up there for over a week now with no mishaps. Hubble has had an astonishingly smooth transition from our bed to her cot upstairs – and I heard boy telling his playdate the other day “My new bedroom is the best room in the whole house!”  Bless.

It’s so much easier putting them to bed at the same time now. I can sit in the chair between their beds and read endless chapters to the boy while Hubble chatters away and holds onto my arm with a grip of steel. I just wish I could stop her from springing awake like a jack-in-the-box every time I try to tiptoe out of the room. Annoyingly her shutdown mechanism is still set to 9pm, so I must remind nursery about not letting her nap too late in the day.

Much to Jimmy’s delight, Harriet has migrated upstairs with him and remains his devoted bed-buddy. She turns up promptly at storytime and sleeps for most of the night by his feet.


During the past week their gloriously empty, spacious room has been filling up with furniture and toys. It’s rapidly losing its serenity but, compared with the tiny bedroom downstairs, it’s still like a football pitch – with so much light and playing space.


Hubble’s new hobby is throwing things from one end of the room to the other and ferreting about in toy drawers until she finds something with which she can scribble on books. (Arg!)  Meanwhile the microbe has taken up the pursuit of turning ever-more-enormous cardboard boxes into wearable monsters. We made a deal with him that each new box-creature gets to live for a week before heading off to recycling… but, just like anyone on death row, they keep applying for extensions. And these judges are weak.


Their new wardrobes arrived last Tue and I was able to watch them being installed from my desk at work, courtesy of the internet spy gadge installed by G. The most pleasing thing is that they fit perfectly into the sloping alcove – hooray!


The least pleasing thing is that the pair of gorillas that we paid £20 to lug them up the stairs took chunks out of our gorgeous new wall before grunting that they wouldn’t fit up the stairs and leaving them in the living room… so G had to dismantle them and reassemble them upstairs. Grr.

After some head scratching, I’ve managed to cram everything into them by using the cunning ploy of throwing away half of the kids’ clothes. Behold the organisation…


Those drawers are pretty tiny – each is only big enough to hold one child’s socks or pants or tights. But it does the job.

Toy storage is, er… still a work in progress. At the moment I’ve shoved what I can into underbed baskets and the rest seem to be breeding in corners around the room. And that’s before we empty the storage unit (double groan).

Soft toys in particular are getting out of hand…


Ooh, but my planned window bookcase/bench thing is going ahead. After a great deal of checking and measuring and re-measuring, I’ve placed an order with Jali and now I have to wait weeks for a custom-made flat-pack to wing its way over here… and then I’ll have to build it and paint it. And …er, find a miraculous way to stop Hubble from scribbling on the entire contents as soon as it’s installed.

Annoyingly our new stair carpet is still ages away. We’ve chosen it and paid for it but the fitter can’t do it until late October. Tsk! Amazon Prime has totally ruined me. I hate waiting for things. I want it now! (And I want a pony).

So…. we are totally out of dosh now. Fingers crossed it was money well spent. The world continues to insist on alerting us to horrible problems that we are supposed to fix…  like replacing the roof above the kitchen, and fixing leaky guttering and leaking radiators.  But I am sticking my fingers in my ears and humming.

I don’t wanna!*  

*However tempting it may be to tell our downstairs neighbours that we need to put scaffolding back up, in order to fix the roof. *evil cackle*




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Bonsai lady-geek and blogger. I can hardly recall what I used to blog about pre-microbes, but these days I generally ramble about motherhood, nonsense and whatever's going on the world of tiny people
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